How to do an automation in Russian Language

UiPath supports many languages in-addition to Russian language ,

  • Peform UI Automation on web pages an navigating to different link like below sample workflow .
    Example : Opens a russain webpage & clickson a hyperlink and navigates to the same.

-You can perform automation operation on text/PDF in “Russian” lang , Implement Google/Microsoft OCR with lang selected as Russian.
you need to install the language pack from below link: GitHub - tesseract-ocr/tessdata at 3.04.00 .
To perform operations , download and Save the file in below path:
C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath Studio\tessdata
Restart Ui Path studio.
Doing so You will get particular language in dropdown while doing Screen Scraping and alternatively the list provided can also be used as list for the language codes (for eg. eng->English)

For performing automation you need to have knowledge on the UiPath different tools & their activities .
Please find below some useful links which might be helpful