How to add new language to Tesseract OCR


I need to use ukrainian language in my progect (work with pdf bills).
So far Mircosoft OCR did not support urk language i using Tesseract OCR.
I tryed to use this guide: OCR languages
But i havent folder C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath\Studio\tessdata
How can i install required language pack? Or how can i attach pack in other folder to Tesseract OCR?

I have this folder, but it’s wrong way.

Hi @Jom4ick,
There is written:

Save the file in the tessdata folder of the UiPath installation directory

For Community Edition installation folder is:


I’m not sure if it will work but worth to try I guess :slight_smile:

Alredy tryed. Did not work

Sorry for my wrong answer. This supposed to be the correct location:


But as you mentioned it’s somehow not working for you. You can try to work with MS OCR then. Here you have whole instruction for both. Maybe you missed something:

Microsoft OCR don’t support ukrainian language

What about Tesseract OCR compatibility? Have you checked if UiAtomation is correct against your Vision version?

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I using the last version

Can you try, Google Cloud Vision OCR,
Ukrainian is supported in Google OCR, reference as below:

But i need to pay money for using Google Cloud. Tesseract OCR is free as Microsoft.

Hi @Jom4ick
Monthly 1000 units are free, please refer the below link:

@Jom4ick it works for me with traditional Chinese
I’m using latest 20-beta community version studio and below is my steps:

  1. download the
  2. copy and paste it to %UserProfile%.nuget\packages\\1.6.0\build\tessdata
  3. restart the UiPath application

This is how I added for community edition.

you have to create “tessdata” folder in “\AppData\Local\UiPath\app-20.4.0-beta0472” and place the required language file.