How to add new language to Tesseract OCR


I need to use ukrainian language in my progect (work with pdf bills).
So far Mircosoft OCR did not support urk language i using Tesseract OCR.
I tryed to use this guide: OCR languages - #4 by Palaniyappan
But i havent folder C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath\Studio\tessdata
How can i install required language pack? Or how can i attach pack in other folder to Tesseract OCR?

I have this folder, but it’s wrong way.

Hi @Jom4ick,
There is written:

Save the file in the tessdata folder of the UiPath installation directory

For Community Edition installation folder is:


I’m not sure if it will work but worth to try I guess :slight_smile:

Alredy tryed. Did not work

Sorry for my wrong answer. This supposed to be the correct location:


But as you mentioned it’s somehow not working for you. You can try to work with MS OCR then. Here you have whole instruction for both. Maybe you missed something:

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Microsoft OCR don’t support ukrainian language

What about Tesseract OCR compatibility? Have you checked if UiAtomation is correct against your Vision version?

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I using the last version

Can you try, Google Cloud Vision OCR,
Ukrainian is supported in Google OCR, reference as below:

But i need to pay money for using Google Cloud. Tesseract OCR is free as Microsoft.

Hi @Jom4ick
Monthly 1000 units are free, please refer the below link:

@Jom4ick it works for me with traditional Chinese
I’m using latest 20-beta community version studio and below is my steps:

  1. download the
  2. copy and paste it to %UserProfile%.nuget\packages\\1.6.0\build\tessdata
  3. restart the UiPath application

This is how I added for community edition.

you have to create “tessdata” folder in “\AppData\Local\UiPath\app-20.4.0-beta0472” and place the required language file.

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But it is not working for UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities beyond version 20.10.10


If you use Community edition, the following topic might help you.


Just update UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities to version 20.10.10 (a previous version) and place tessdata to the corresponding build folder.
Version 21.4.3 and beyond are still problematic.

@Ioana_Gligan would you be able to help here?

This helped for me, but adding “tessdata” to all versions folders


Thanks, and that works for my community license.