How to do a software health check using uipath?

I want to check whether a software is installed and working fine in 80 systems? is it possible to automate this task using uipath?

What is the criteria to know it is working fine?

Essentially yes, you could replicate what you do today to check.

We should first check whether it is available in the system or not. if its available then we have to open it and check whether we are able to see the front end screen or not.

can you tell me how? or can you guide me how to do it.

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Can you remotely access all these machines from a single machine?

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yes we can.

Remote in to each desktop individually - then use this to find if the application is installed.

You would then Start the process using the start process activity and confirm the front screen exists.

The other option is to simple just use Start Process and if it doesn’t load you know it inst installed.

Thank you Tim. i will try and let you know the result.

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