Can we install/uninstall applications with UI path to Linux VMs

Hi Team,

I have a process as part of which the user installs / uninstalls software to Linux VMs. To automate this, I tried using SSH connector activities. But so far I could login and run some basic commands. I have couple of issues however.

  1. In between of application installation (e.g. tomcat), it needs user to enter (y/d/N) to start installation. Is there any way we can simulate such instances through UI path. UserInput
  2. Is it possible to take screenshots of success or failure of commands run. I tried using writeline activity to write the console output. But customer expects screenshots.
  1. you can check for text exists [y/d/N]:
    and then proceed to enter the required input.

  2. You have an activity to take screenshot. Please use the following activity for that

Karthik Byggari

Hi Karthik,

Thanks for the reply. I had tried these options.
But as I said earlier, I am using SSH connector activities which create SSH session in background and run the requested commands. So I wont have visible SSH session to read the text and also to take screenshot.

or else is there any other way to connect SSH session

If it is in the background then we can’t take screenshot or look for some text.
Check if there is any option to get the SSH command window visible ?