Software Installation for multiple RDP

I have list of RDPs(say 50) and will have to install 5-6 softwares in those 50 RDPs using Uipath. Please provide best approach to do this automation.

Hi @sravankumar_pendota

If you want to automate a process of installation,
you need to confirm all of the operations of installation are able to be implemented.
Because you have more than 5 softwares, so you need to confirm one by one first.
To develop a local automated process is similar to implement a RDP process,
except that installing a UiPath Remote Runtime on each remote RDP.
About the UiPath Remote Runtime, you can check it by below link.
About UiPath Remote Runtime


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As @wusiyangjia suggested you can define your workflows which are required to install softwares

Try Command lines which could be easier, else you can go with GUI

Hope this may help you


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