How to display output datatable as table format in message box

Is it possible to display datatable as table format in message box?

I used output datatable activity and convert a datatable to string, and can display the string in a message box, but the header length is long so it is hard to read.

I want to display string datatable as table format like this:

It does not have to be string datatable but how do I display datatable as is in message box?

How do I do that?

Message boxes don’t have the capability to display things like that. They just display straight text. To do what you want, you’ll need to use the Forms activities, or you could do it with Custom Input. For Custom Input you’d have to dynamically write the datatable to an HTML file, then display that HTML file with Custom Input. Forms is probably simpler, although you’ll have to learn how to use them to make the table read-only etc.

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Please check this on how to display datatable using forms


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Hi @yesterday ,

Could you let us know what is the end output that you would require ? Is it only to Display the Table in the format you have mentioned ? Is it the actual requirement ?

Do note that the Message Box can hold only a limited number of characters to be presented/shown, if your table contains more data, it would not be in a Presentable format even if get it to a format of a Table (If using | as Borders also).

There maybe activities/packages that you could use for checking in a Table format such as already mentioned Using Forms, one of which is provided below :

Check out the Show Datatable activity in the package mentioned in the post above.


Understood that message box can have only strings.
Thank you so much.

I will try to use create form activity to display a table!

Thank you so much for your help.

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