How to detect already processed items not to upload to queue again?

The question seems a bit off, ill explain my problem here:
For a process in the company i Work, I have to extract incoming payments codes from SAP every 4 hours. I upload these codes to Orchestrator Queue to process them later. Now my question is on the next run how to differentiate from the already uploaded items and not to reupload all of them again.

Please help me with some suggestions to overcome this

Hi @Hurmet_Noka
You need to send the reference number to you queue item and before creating a new item, get the queue items with the same reference number, if the item returns null, you can create it, if it is not null then you do not have to create it.

@GersonTun thank you so much.
So before I upload a queue item I have to extract all queue items and check if the new item reference number is part of that?
That doesn’t seems so effecient…to retire e all queue items everytime you add a new item

You do not need to get all of them, just with a simple get queue item and set the reference properly:

Get queue item does not affect your transaction status, it only checks if an item exist. You can also specify an specific status: new, in progress, failed, etc.

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Thank you so much. You are so helpful :raised_hands:

Thank you once again. I have threequestions and I would be very glad if i get an answer.

  1. How do you use “Get Queue Items” by specifying also the status.
  2. If my queue items will be sometimes repetitive (Flights Code) how to add the unique reference ?
  3. I will use two applications, SAP and Operator. Do you suggest me I put performer and dispatcher on same REF or separate processes. These will run on unattended robot.

Thank You so much Gerson

Hello I did that but it displays item already exists. even though it doesnt.


I added first the three compßanies and than wanted to add the two new companies. it doesnt work.


To handle this we can use unique reference number for every queue item created
May be to generate such we can use timestamp

you can set the constrain for unique reference once after or even while creating the queues in orchestrator





While creating queue add “Unique reference” as yes

while adding queue items add unique reference in the property as per your data.

It throws error if unique reference already exists, so surround with try catch block

then it adds only the data which does not exists!!!

Cheers @Hurmet_Noka :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you so much for the great support. Solved my issue :slight_smile:

Thank You so much.
Can you Answer this question:
I am gonna have a process where i get payment codes from sap, and make some operations on another application. Do you suggest me to keep performer and dispatcher on the same REF process or separate processes which are to be executed in orchestrator one after another, and how can i schedule so that they are executed in line ?
Much appreciated

Ofcourse go for dispatcher and performer where at the end of dispatcher process use start job and mention the process name of performer so that performer will begin the moment when dispatcher gets over

You can just schedule the dispatcher alone in that case

Cheers @Hurmet_Noka


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