Queue Upload

Hi Team,

I am trying to upload 10 account numbers into orchestrator queue and it contains unique reference id.
Out of 10 eight same account numbers already exists in the queue. While uploading into the queue how to identify which account numbers has been uploaded successfully ? How to get this in code ?

Hi @Robotics

If you are using add queue item and if reference is already present it will throw an error. You can catch using try catch to identify

And also you can use add bulk queue items and CommitType If selected as AllorNothing it wont add if atleast one has common reference. Else you can select ProcessIndependantly and it will add which are not already present and leave remaining. From the output variable we cajn check if they are added or not


Got it. Already using the try catch. If an account number already exists in queue it will throw error. How to get only those account numbers that are uploaded successfully using the code?

Hi @Robotics you can use Bulk add Queue Item activity for this

@Robotics ,
After uploading to queue using add queue item activity in a loop or using Bulk queue item activity,

use a get queue item activity and check the count of queue item equals number of rows

Hi @Robotics

Use bulk add queue item which will give you an output of all successful and failed as well.

Elae if you want to use add queu item only then inside try catch after add queue item add them to datatable and add it to excel for later use


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