How can check items in queue with reference

Is there a way to check if a queue in orchestrator hold a certain item.

e.g. there a list of reference names i want to be able to go through the list and identify if they already exist in the queue if they do skip if they don’t then add it


Use get queue items in which you have the reference field…you can pass the reference value in that field


  1. create a unique reference variable with transaction value along with dateTime. eg: 1234 22112023 18:36
  2. Use get queue items and pass the unique reference format ( not value) leaving datetime . Output will be count
  3. if the count is >0 then item is there
    4 if not In then put add queue item in properties pass unique reference variable in unique reference property

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Rather than have to check manually and then add (or not) you could just set the Queue to “unique reference” and then put a Try/Catch around the Add Queue Item activity. If the reference already exists it won’t be added again and you can catch this exception and move to the next item.

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