Orchestrator: develop on one computer and run on another computer

How can I publish a project to orchestrator from one computer, and run (unattended and attended) robot on another computer?

Situation: I am developing a program using Studio on computerA, and I also have computerB, where the project needs to be run. ComputerB does NOT have Studio installed, but it has a robot installed.
On computerA, I opened cloud orchestrator (https://cloud.uipath.com) and connected it to computerB. ComputerB’s orchestrator setting says “Connected”, and I can confirm it on orchestrator page on ComputerA.

Now, I need to publish my project on computerA into Orchestrator, but I don’t see that option. I only see publish to “robot default” or “custom”, and I don’t see “orchestrator”.
This means that computerA is not connected to orchestrator, right?

So if I want to develop a program on computerA, and run it on computerB, do I need to connect both computerA and computerB to the orchestrator, correct?

And also this means, if I want to develop and run it on the same computer, I only need to connect one computer to orchestrator?


You can publish the package to Orchestrator-> Studio-> Publish-> Select Orchestrator

Once it is done, You need to create the Process in orchestrator as below

It will ask for below details once you click on + sign

Once it is done click play button from the package page

In the below page you can choose the robot(Computer A or Computer B) to run the process, but make sure you already provision both Computer A and Computer B and Connected

The same way you can schedule the process and set which process to run in which robot

Hope this clears you


Thank you, but like I said in the question, “orchestrator” is not an option.
When I click on “publish” on Studio, it only has 2 options: “default robot” or “custom”.

Select custom option and save the package into any folder in local drive. Now send this package to computer B through email or you can open orchestrator link in Computer A if it is opening then login to orchestrator, click on “packages” option menu on left side and upload the package here. after uploading that click on “processes” option in orchestrator and click on add process here you can add your process name and select the package that you uploaded on previous step.

Hope this will work for you.

Thank you. So does that mean that I don’t have to add 2 machines on Orchestrator?
I was thinking I would have to add computerA machine as “Studio” and computer machine as “(un)attended robot” on orchestrator.

If this solve your issue mark my answer as solution.

No you dont need to add two machines on orchestrator.