How to delete specific rows from excel file

I want to delete specific rows within an excel file. I need to delete all of row 1 - 4 and row 6. How can I do that in Studio 2020.4.1 version? I can do it in Studio X just fine, but trying to figure out how to do in Studio is a littler trickier.


@olsonse You can use Excel Application Scope and use the Delete Rows Activity Inside specifying the position and the No. Of rows to be deleted.

How do I specify the position?

@olsonse In your Case, if you would need to Delete 1 - 4 rows, then position would be 1 and Number of rows would be 4

I also need to delete out row 6. Do I have to do a separate delete row activity for that or can I do it in the same activity for the deletion for rows 1-4?

@olsonse A Separate Delete Activity

what would the position and number of rows be for that? position = 6 and number of rows = 1?

@olsonse Actually After you delete the rows 1-4 the Row Number gets changed and think it would be in Position 2

it worked. thank you!

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