Delete rows in excel (delete shifts cell as in excel)

hi may i ask on how i want to start my automation using studio x. my first step is from text file and i want to convert into excel.
2. i want to delete a few row from above (from row 7 to 1) as per the attached file

  1. i want to delete 3 as per excel in column E,F,G. i want to delete it (shifts cell up) how to delete specific rows
    i will attached excel sample
    sample.xlsx (8.9 KB)

Hi @Nur_Amin,

You can use delete row activity where you can able to mention the index of the specific row which need to be deleted

Thanks in advance,
Jayavignesh G

hi how do i write what row in text builder?

Hi @Nur_Amin ,

this’s your expect output? convert Text to Excel
-we read text to get String
-generate String to data table
-write data table to Excel

2.Delete row 1-7
If you fix 1-7, you can try
read Excel file from A8 → get new data table
write new data to file
or try delete rows

3.could you please clear this requirements


hi, i have try delete rows but i want to delete row 2 column F. in excel need to delete shift cells up

HI @Nur_Amin ,
My understand is we need delete
that’s right?
If it’s true, I think it’s simple
We can use delete rows
or create a new blank data table
get 1st row data form old data
other way is filter data, get column1 not empty


need to delete row 2 column E,F,G. meaning all three column above yr shaded

This’s final output
we need delete 3 columns

that’s right?
We can use filter data table


how to use delete column as i dont want to delete whole column E. my real data there is a lot more number in column e f g

Could you share your expect output
Is it correct

Thisis my expected output. my real data there is more number in that column

Oh, I see,
keep header
merge data in row2 to blank index in row1
you can read range E3-G3
then write to E2

Hi can share your worksheet? im not really get it

let read range E3-G3 without header
then write range E2 without header

my studio x dont have write range it only has write cell, can use that? but what to write?

oh, sr I’m using studio
I will find other way in studioX for you