How to delete my account from Automation Cloud?


I would like to delete my user from Automation Cloud to create a new tenant for Uipath Academy Courses, but I’m not able to perform such action because i’m not administrator on this one.
The admin email is an adress i used to have within my previous company, and I don’t have access to it anymore.

Can you please direct me on how to do this ?

if admin account in something you can not access then I do not see anything that can be done to delete. Moreover you will need an admin account anyway

Always suggested to register using the personal id and laer you can have the enterprise trial by providing the work email in license section.

@loginerror → can you help with some information?

Hi @Rooty

It is tricky.

First thing - I suppose you were not using an email/password combination for the original admin account? This would allow you to still log in to that account.

Otherwise, with no way to officially prove that you own this organization, the most you could do is to create a new organization. This can be done if you follow the Sign-Up flow to create a new account and use your gmail account. It will then ask you to create a new organization on the same email, and the current one will get deleted due to inactivity at one point.

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