How to delete component of BOM (bill of material) in SAP

I need to erase the segment of a BOM without rolling out any improvements in ABAP coding.

It would be ideal if you disclose to me know whether we have any exchange for it.@Sap PP

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I think you need to use transaction ‘CS02’.

CS02 – Change Material BOM SAP transaction CS02 (Change Material BOM) is classified in the Logistics – General module under application component Bills of Material and runs R/3 Application development: PP Bills of Material program SAPMC29S upon execution

Check it out here SAP PP

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In order to delete component in SAP PP
To remove the personal composed, you can use the “CS02” transaction. CS02 a personal call to a material change. Pandemic is no longer part of the family - General module. Package description, applications development R / 3 PP material.