Help SAP automation project

Good afternoon,

I am in a project of automation of several processes of a cable manufacturing company. Among these is the creation of material manufacturing versions. So far I have quite advanced the flow, but I have only been working with the tool for a month and a half.

The problem is that for a lopps generate two iterations, but first need to validate that until all the filling is completed and finally verification can not continue with the next iteration.

I’m stuck on how I perform this step

What I need is for him to process each of the materials with his respective center. But carrying out the process one by one.

This is the example of the project. (711,3 KB)Uipath1.xlsx (17,6 KB)


I can suggest try to avoid loops as much possible, try to do validations before entering into loop and start processing. Couldn’t get chance to look at flow I’m traveling now but give it a try,
Multiple Loops can be avoided by using inline LINQ queries for sorting/filtering tables.


Did not understand what the loops abacus, what kind of method or activity is.

As explained in my previous post, the goal is to go as a material entering their respective center or company at the end of the cycle can be verified in SAP for so proceed with the creation of the version of that material. Before being created, it must meet certain conditions, so that the iteration can continue.

My programming level is low therefore I request a referral or collaboration.


did you complete this project?