How to deal with the blank POP up while using a wait for download activity

Hello Guys,

I am doing an Ui automation to download some files from our company system, and i use a wait for download activity to make sure that the files are completely downloaded. But sometimes when i trigger the downloading by clicking the download button another blank web page pops up and it stops the downloading. please take a look at the pictures. please help me to solve this problem.


When blank page comes I believe there is no file to downlod is it? Or do we need to click on downlod again and it would download the file?


yes. wehn i close the blank page and try again it would download normally. The pop up blank page is unpredictable. sometimes it appers some time it does’t and downloading goes normally.


Then you can follow the below approach

Use a do while loop with condition as true and max iteration proeprty as 10 or so

Now inside loop use click activity on the save button

then use check app state to verify if the blank page is open, if open on the found side use close

on the not found side you can use a break activivy that means the file is downloaded…this helps in repeated clicking of button till it is downloaded

Hope this helps