How to deal with Special Characters in Excel headers


Today i have this issue:

I want to read an Excel document and add the header, but apparently the header can’t contains a special Character, and bring me this message:


It is possible for Uipath to accept the characters as headers??

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Hi @panpan1020

This issue is related to the fact that you have two or more columns named % the read range activity has no problem reading a Table with special characters in header.

Reda Marzouk

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Hi Reda!!!

Thanks for your help, yo are right, now my question is:

¿is there a way to use de header with columns with the same name? Or ¿how can i find the index of the column to use it without headers?


Hi @panpan1020

Well you want your headers to describe the values of your column and if you want to read from a column named % and you have two, the sentence YourDataTable(“%”) will be confusing since we don’t know which one of the col we want.

You can read the dataTable without Headers by unchecking the AddHeaders property and you will read you dataTable without headers.


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