How can i click on a particular word which will change dynamically from a web page

HI All,

I wanted to click on a text from a webpage which will change dynamically for each run,

To be precise i have “N” number of id in a excel using for each loop i need to click on the id’s.

In a webpage, the place where the id present is same but the id’s will change for every count.

How can i dynamically click on that text using uipath activity . kindly help

Attaching the screen shot for your perusal.


Here in this image i wanted to cilck on Home only each time but the word Home is not static

Kindly let me know for any further clarificatons.

Selvarani M

You can use Click text acitivity -

Hi Selvarani,

questions regarding dynamic selectors are quite frequent and have been answered many times in this forum.

Check out these threads:

Good luck!