How to custom the {Message} field of execution.log file of uipath

Hi everyone,

I found the NLog.config file at: C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath Platform
And execution.log file at: C:\Users\anhth15\AppData\Local\UiPath\Logs.
the content of message field currently is:
{“message”:“This is general logs”,“level”:“Verbose”,“timeStamp”:“2017-11-14T10:07:14.2743353+07:00”,“windowsIdentity”:“FSOFT.FPT.VN\AnhTH15”,“processName”:“Desktop”,“processVersion”:“1.0.6526.19547”,“fileName”:“logsSample”,“jobId”:“8efba5d4-5146-4bca-b3be-435671aa0fa9”,“robotName”:“FSOFT.FPT.VN\ANHTH15”}

Now, I want to custom this field to other format that I want, something like below:
[UserName] [START] [ProcessName] [OPEN] [LOGIN Page: https://*]

Please help me.

Many thanks,
Hoang Anh.