How to customize the fields in Execution.log file of uipath

Hi everyone,

Now I am using “Log Message” activity to write log in my project.
My customer requires the structure of log file is something like below:
[INFO] [20170901 13:30:30.11] [UserName] [START] [ModuleName] OPEN LOGIN DIALOG http://.com/
[INFO] [20170901 13:30:31.11] [UserName] [END] [ModuleName] OPEN LOGIN DIALOG http://

But when I open execution.log file of uipath at folder: C:\Users\anhth15\AppData\Local\UiPath\Logs, I found many fields that I don’t need.
How can I customize the fields in execution.log file as desired?
Please help me.

Many thanks,
Hoang Anh.

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Up for this. Need guidance on how to create a custom log. Thank you in advance.

You can try using Add Log Fields activity to customize the log.