How to crop images from pdf?

Hi all,

I have a pdf where i need to crop customer photo and customer details table separately as a image.

The both customer photo and details will always be present at 5 page of pdf

How do I extract them?

Read Range in PDF properties makes you go to a certain page. Then you can use Read PDF with OCR to convert to an image. Hope this helps

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to extract images you can use this Extract Images From PDF activity!
to extract details you can use Matches activity and write regexPatterns !
Cheers @kishore.shetty

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Can you give example of the Matches pattern in the same inquiry?

yes @mozahra
as i can see from the above image it’s easy!
to extract Reference Number he can do this
(?<=Reference Number).* and get the 700418019628
and so on.
Cheers @mozahra @kishore.shetty


I have to exctract the details as image too. :grimacing:

you can do that by above activty as i told you !

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