Extract Text as image from PDF

Hello everyone,

I want to extract text as image from the pdf .

I am having a digital pdf document, where I need to check some condition eg Account number , serial number , name etc . if condition matches than I need to take a screenshot for that row only and attach it in a excel.

this process will be continue for all the queue items.

any help would be appreciated!!


Hi @Divya3

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Hello @Divya3

Are you trying to take a snap of the required row in the pdf and to embed that to the excel?


Yes @Rahul_Unnikrishnan

the PDF is digital and has data on row basis … if the data matches I need to take the snap of that particular row only(will include multiple columns).

Business dont want to extract data as text the requirement is to take a snap only.


Hi @Divya3 ,

Have you tried with the Export PDF Page as Image Activity ?

@Divya3 There are activities to export the pdf as image. but as you have mentioned to take only that particular, I doubt whether this is achievable.

If you can export that pdf page to image you can use the activity as shared by @supermanPunch