How to create variable in type into uipath

Hi I am new in ui path.Can any one help me how or where we can store value in variable in type into.So I can use this value further

My sincere advice is to go through the tutorial/tests given to have a solid foundation from here. I believe in teaching how to fish instead of giving fish.

Or if you are stuck at some point without progress, give screenshots and easy solution can be given.


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Hi @Aditya10989
Please learn the basics in


hello @Aditya10989

create argument (Ctrl+k)
see the attched image



@sandeep13 thanks sandeep for your reply I know how to create variable but I want to store the value so I can use this value further
eg in my case in type into I am getting pdf path that pdf file path need to save in I don’t know how to store value in ui please help…!!

hi @Aditya10989
are u using type into activity ?

yes.I am attaching screenshot in this I create a variable name DocumentName in this variable I just want to store “Loss Run”+i.tostring() as mentioned in attachment.How can I do.thanks for reply

@Aditya10989 if you already created variable then use Assign activity to store value in argument then used anywhere to pass the that argument


@sandeep13 thanks for reply but without assign activity we cant directly store the value.

eg input activity we have a property like result we directly store the value.

@Aditya10989 I think there no property like result for TypeInto activity
I suggest use assign activity to store Loss Run”+i.tostring() in DocumentName then pass documentName in TypeInto Activity.

Happy Automation


@sandeep13 thanks

I know its been over a year, but this might help someone with the same question, please look at the screenshots below:

  1. I have a variable "SearchFor " of type Array of string, that carries all the words i want to type in “Type into activity”.
    2). and then i have a variable called “SearchIndexCount” that increments by one after every iteration

if you look at the screenshot you can see in the type into activity I m passing my array variable and the index variable instead of the text itself. and note this is in a while loop so the index variable increments after each iteration ensuring that we move to the next text each time. if unclear, I am willing to explain further and provide more examples.