Can we use uipath declared variables in java

i have to use create java activity in uipath, but before i like to call uipath variable in java code. can somebody can help me.


We will have the same data types in JAVA as well. So, we can do that. If you have any variable types which are not recognized, we can use the conversion operators or the cast operators to convert to the required.

As we are calling the python methods also from UiPath studio, passing the parameters from here, we can do that.

thanks for reply,

but how can we use uipath variable which holding url of webpage in java code means in java method , any idea ?

The URL can be stored in a string variable @yasmeen_mirza, so we can use that string variable in JAVA without any conversion.

What do you mean here by uipath variable? Can you please elaborate?

i have one generic type variable say “currentUrl” which holding url, now i wanted to use that variable in java code which I’m doing in eclipse IDE. is it possible to do?

If you are running the code in Eclipse, we don’t have a way to do that until you are running the code in UiPath studio @yasmeen_mirza

We have methods available in studio to run the java code, try installing the package by searching java in the manage packages tab and you will have all these activities to run the JAVA code


Does this help @yasmeen_mirza ?

not really, its giving error as “the target type was not found”