Chat Bot With UIPath

Dear All,
I need to grab some knowledge on UIPath Chat Bot Development. I found there are so many chat bot frameworks like Druid, Dialog Flow etc. that can be integrated with UIPath.

  1. Could somebody please suggest are these free services or not?
  2. How to to start with this?
  3. How to integrate with Node Js? Any reference tutorial would be helpful.

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You can check this connector for Dialog Flow which is a freeware tool.

We have other components/solutions using ChatBot with UiPath, check this link.

Dear @sarathi125,
Thank you so much for your help.
But I didn’t find a tutorial or any step by step activities to develop a chatbot in the given link.
Could you please suggest any other references which gives the end to end implementation process of the chatbot.



This may help

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Bot making is simpler than you think.
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Hi @Priyanka_Gurnani,
It’s only a google form. May I know How can I learn from You after submitting this form.

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