How to create Pivot table with & without using Create Pivot Table actvity?


I have a sample excel files with 4 columns :
|Pers.No.| Wage Type| Amount| Long text|

I want to create a Pivot table using these data with Pers.No in Row, Wage Type and Long Text in Columns and Amount in Values.

Can someone help me on this ?

Thanks in advance.!

You can use VB Code to do this.

I hope this will give you a clarity @Sindhuja252,

Creating using Create Pivot Table:

  1. If your data is in the form of table and saved with a table name in the excel, then you will be able to create pivot table using the activity. Here my data is in the tabular format, so I can give the table name to the activity to make it a pivot table

Without activity:

  1. The only way to create a pivot without using activity is using VB code (Invoke Code Activity)
  2. In the code, we need to give the column names and need to mention which columns need to be in row labels. columns, filters and values.

Thanks HareshMR.
The solution works.
But how are the row and column values specified to create the Pivot table ?

Thank you.!
It worked.

it will automatically detect the values to be calculated and Rows and Columns are also considered automatically by the activity itself @Sindhuja252

Hi @HareeshMR,

Any idea regarding this activity

that we can add header names and use them as rows or columns etc. I am unable to find this activity from the Activities panel.

Would you please guide me How can get this?

I hope the above activity is more helpful instead of the Create Pivot Table activity as below which does not have any option to segregate the columns and rows on the go.


with the above activity I am able to create Pivot Table but again manually I need to select the columns and rows once the Robot is created Pivot Table.

But How we can define the Rows and columns even before without any human intervention?


Are you serious @winningvish? We have that activity available? I posted an idea to create that activity in the forum, but I don’t know it already exists. Can you please let me know the activity to do that?

I’m using VB code to do the pivots and defining rows and columns. You can use that if you want to.

Hi Hareesh,

I have seen the activity on YouTube, with the option that we can add Header Names. I have been trying to find the way to get it, but still didn’t.

Not Sure, how he get that Activity?

I am so curious that I want to use that kind of activity which will help me a lot for the current scenario that I am working on.


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Hello Vishnu,

In that youtube video they have provided a link ( You have to download the package from there and import it in uipath using Manage Packages->settings option


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Thank you very much for sharing @keloth.harsha


we are not able to find this package please help.
thanks @keloth.harsha

Go to this link( Click on clone or download then you will be able to download the zip file.

I cant install the activity. Can you please help me?

Can you please guide me how to install package in uipath’s “Manage package”. I have added the package which is available on github,but it is not installing on my machine.

Looking forward to hear from you. :grinning:

same issue , i couldnt install the package tooo

Hi Install package steps:

  1. download, and unzip.
  2. unzip. too
  3. add to package in uipath , follow below .
    3.1 find the excel folder path
    3.2 type Package name (up to you),
    3.3 click add button
    3.4 find your Package name under All Packages view

HI @Chen_Kenny @saleem-shaikh @ronanpeter @poonati.p
I followed your steps but still getting error unable to install the package as other user above.

Was anyone able to install this package?

Hi Harron,

No need to use this activity. I found in studio-x has same activity.

Please go to filter and click show studio x and find the Create Pivot Table activity.
It should be under Use Excel File activity.

BTW, you also can use VBA invoke to achieve it.

Thank you

Thanks @Chen_Kenny for that helped a lot. One last questions regarding the Pivot Table. Is there a way to group dates by 7 days which are in “column” field in the created pivot table.