Pivot Table without the data in tabular format

Hi Team,

As I see some topics related to pivot in excel, I just thought of having a pivot table activity WITHOUT HAVING THE DATA IN TABULAR FORMAT. I discussed this earlier with people in the forum, but I don’t think it is started.

If the user reads the data from excel and store it in data table and pass it to the activity, (Make sure the first rows and columns are the headers), the user has to provide the information of the column names which needs to be pivoted as → columns which needs to be in rows, columns, measures and filters that are required in the pivot. Then just writing the pivot in another sheet or the new sheet based on the user requirement.

Is it possible to have this option? I have started the code development for this, but I was not able to finish it as I’m bust with multiple tasks now. Can anybody start this from beginning and have the activity?


Hey bro… @HareeshMR

You want a activity to change the rows and columns and then summarize kind of thing correct?

Basically something similar to transpose of excel and then grouping?

I have this activity for data transpose, rows to column and column to row…


And then, we can use the aggregations based on that datatable using this


Is it the one you are referring to as a function?

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Data manipulations is something different from Pivot @Lahiru.Fernando,

I’m just thinking of the Pivot table.

Hi @HareeshMR,
Can you explain it with example to understand clearly.

We have pivot table activity which is available for now to do a pivot on the data which is in the tabular format within the excel. What if the data is not in the tabular format?

We usually get the data without the tabular format, so if we want to get the data to be pivoted, then we need to manually form the data as table inside the excel with a specific name and then we need to pass that name to the workflow. If we are willing to do that also, the pivot will take the rows and measures on its own, so it will be in a different manners but not as expected.

So, If we have an activity which can form the pivot based on the rows and measures that we provide as parameters to that, then it would be helpful @Jyotika_Halai. Hope I’m bit clear now :slight_smile:

Thank you for your suggestion. I added it to our internal ideas tracker for our team to consider.

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have you seen this


@HareeshMR Have you tried the Create Pivot table activity in StudioX? Does that solve your problems?


I posted this just as a suggestion long ago thinking of having an activity for creating a pivot tables which will ask the user to give the column name of number to select as a row or column or filter. I haven’t tried it in StudioX. You can close the topic :slight_smile: