How to create Orchestrator Queues for emails in a mailbox?

Has anyone tried using the RE Framework wherein the source data are emails from a mailbox?
And then using Orchestrator Queues so that multiple bots can execute the package?


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Never tried it with emails but it should work:


  1. Read your emails into a collection with Get Mail Message
  2. Iterate through it with a for each mail message
  3. For each mail message Add queue item.

Retrieve your mail messages one by one as you do with any type of variable.

Thanks Bogdan. This is very helpful. I will try it out.

Richard, did you manage to get it working? I’m working on a similar case were emails are used as an input in the process and I want to use the reframework as well. Please let me know!

Question : usually queues are used in business processes which have huge number of transactions i.,e., 100’s of them per day. Is it effective to use them if we have just 5-10 transactions per day?

There are a few ways to do this, and @bogdan.nastase suggested a good one: using a Dispatcher and a Performer.

The problem is that currently the contents of queue items need to be serializable into a JSON string, and MailMessage is not (you can test by calling MyEmailMessage.GetType().IsSerializable).

Two alternatives are:

About @yashaswiniGowda’s question: They can be useful not only to deal with volume, but also for easier maintenance and more flexibility; so I would say yes!


Thanks a lot Mateus! I tried your second suggestion with the dispatcher and perfomer and adjusted it a little so now it performs perfectly for my situation.

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@Mateus_Cruz, Thank you for sharing workflows.
In my case - I need to put email.attachments in a queue. As I see, its no serializable.
Do u have maybe the solution for such case?

In that case, I’d recommend saving the attachments somewhere locally (or maybe a shared drive) and just store the path to them in the queue, instead of the file itself.