How to create Index for Kibana

How to create Index for Kibana?

Regarding Index :

  • To use Kibana, you have to tell it about the Elasticsearch indices that you want to explore by configuring one or more index patterns.

  • What is Elastic Search Index ? An index is some type of data organization mechanism, allowing the user to partition data a certain way. An index is a logical namespace which maps to one or more primary shards and can have zero or more replica shards.

Specific to UiPath Orchestrator :

  • Setting up Kibana and ES can be found in below link 



  • By default, index name looks like TenantName-yyyy.MM. For example, index for Default Tenant in month of May, 2019 will be created with name "Default-201905". which means per month 1 index gets created for each tenant.

Creating Index in Kibana:
1. In order to create index, navigate to Management →  Index Patterns → Create Index Patterns

2. Enter tenant name and select @timestamp as a filter field. Here timestamp is used to differentiate between each logs. Click on Create



3. Once created, it should look like shown in below image :

4. The format of the data can be modified by clicking on the edit button for each data field that has been created.

For more insight about indices or Kibana, please refer to link