Elasticsearch indexes and folder


To split access on Orchestrator we created Tenant per Center of Excellence.
With the creation of folder we think about merging all tenant into an unique tenant with Folder.
We were wondering with this approach if it’s possible to have an index created per folder or not.
Goal is to keep indexes split per folder as they are now per tenant.

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Hi @mittol_ldc

Check this

Ashwin S


I know how to create an index pattern in Kibana, my request is different.
When we have multiple tenant, each tenant have it’s own index created in Elasticsearch.
I want to know if the same is possible with Folder in LTS 2019.10 .



I have one solution in mind, I think about installing logstash and configuring it to send message to multiple output.
All data would be sent to one index but with the help of logstash I will split the message once received.
What do you think ?