Cannot create a SharePoint folder

hi, I get an error in the Create Folder activity of the SharePoint Custom Activities Package.

Message: List ‘xxx’ does not exist at site with URL ‘ttps://xxxxxx’.

I think this is a problem with SharePoint permissions. Where should I check it?

  • Upload File and Get File activities work normally, so URL and Library Name are correct.
  • I can create a folder manually in the browser.
  • I can create a folder with the Create Folder activity at another site in the same environment.

SharePoint Custom Activities Package

There are two types of sites, and there is an error in production.

  • ttps://
  • ttps://

SharePoint application scope
-SharePoint Instance Type:Online

Create folder(Exception)
-Item URL:“add Folder”

Upload file(Complete)
-Item URL:“library1”
-Local Path:“C:\test.txt”

@Yuuki , i would suggest you to add sharepoint folder in your local drive and then you can use it as a local path and can perform folder management operations.


hi @Yuuki,

Did you manage to create a folder using the Sharepoint activitities?
I’m facing the same issue with creating a new folder. I tried every combination with library name and relative URL but none of them seems to be working.

I want to create a new folder at the following path using the sharepoint activities: (adding the sharepoint folder to the local drive is not an option)

The folder was created by UI operation in the browser.
The other day, I found out why I couldn’t create a folder.

The display name when the document library was opened in the browser was changed, and it was because it did not match the URL.
The URL was the robot ID, and the display name was the job ID added to the robot ID.