Cannot create a SharePoint folder

hi, I get an error in the Create Folder activity of the SharePoint Custom Activities Package.

Message: List ‘xxx’ does not exist at site with URL ‘ttps://xxxxxx’.

I think this is a problem with SharePoint permissions. Where should I check it?

  • Upload File and Get File activities work normally, so URL and Library Name are correct.
  • I can create a folder manually in the browser.
  • I can create a folder with the Create Folder activity at another site in the same environment.

SharePoint Custom Activities Package

There are two types of sites, and there is an error in production.

  • ttps://
  • ttps://

SharePoint application scope
-SharePoint Instance Type:Online

Create folder(Exception)
-Item URL:“add Folder”

Upload file(Complete)
-Item URL:“library1”
-Local Path:“C:\test.txt”

@Yuuki , i would suggest you to add sharepoint folder in your local drive and then you can use it as a local path and can perform folder management operations.