How to create folder and rename folder at any FTP location?

I want to create and rename from ftp.I am not getting any activities for it on FTP pkg. Eagerly waiting for reply. Thank you.

Hi @Arjun1,
I think that for this kind of activity you just need 3rd party application for maintaining FTP server and use UiPath to click and work in this application.

Hi @Arjun1
have a try using with FTP Session activity and use open ftp session use ftp create directory and use directory exists and do the click operations of rename a folder

Ashwin S

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I hope it won’t open anything in the FTP session to do click activities @AshwinS2. It will just connect and will access the files. But it won’t open the screen of FTP.

Renaming can be done as :

  1. Download the file from FTP
  2. Rename in the local
  3. Upload the same to FTP @Arjun1
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