Renaming a File Inside an FTP Server

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I need to rename a file that is located inside an FTP server. Can someone provide guidance on how to accomplish this using UiPath or any other relevant tools? I’ve encountered issues with renaming so I need some solutions to resolve this problem. Thank you!


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Try using move item activity and give the same location eith differnet name and try it…if it works


Okay Sure, Thank you so much

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HI @subha.murugan

Using UiPath:

  1. Connect to the FTP server: You’ll need to establish a connection to the FTP server where the file you want to rename is located. You can use the “FTP” activity in UiPath for this purpose. Configure it with the FTP server details, such as the server address, username, and password.

  2. Navigate to the file: Use FTP activities to navigate to the directory where the file is located. You may need to use activities like “FTP Directory List” to list the files in the directory and identify the file you want to rename.

  3. Rename the file: Once you’ve located the file, use the “FTP Rename” activity to rename the file. Provide the current file name and the new file name as input to this activity.

  4. Disconnect from the FTP server: After renaming the file, it’s a good practice to disconnect from the FTP server using the “FTP Close Session” activity to free up resources.

  5. Error handling: Implement error handling in your workflow to account for potential issues, such as the file not being found or connection problems.

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You can try this steps

  • FTP Connect:
    Input: Server, Username, Password

  • FTP Change Directory:
    Input: RemotePath (navigate to the directory)

  • FTP Directory List:
    Output: Files (to list files in the directory)

  • Assign:
    FileToRename = Files.FirstOrDefault(Function(item) item.Name = “old_filename.txt”)

  • FTP Rename:
    Input: OldFileName, NewFileName

  • FTP Close Session

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Thanks a lot but there is no “FTP Rename Activity” here Actually there is a rename file activity for local directory

Okay try with that once @subha.murugan

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Did the move activity work?

if no then you can download the file and then rename it and upload using related ftp activities for download and upload…and local rename activity to rename as needed or even in upload we can specify the target name


Can you share with us a screenshot of this activity? Thanks

yeshh it’s working thank you

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Happy Automation. Please close the topic if resolved


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