Moving Files Between Folders on an FTP

Does anyone know how to move files between folders on an FTP?

Basically trying to move any .txt file in this folder into the Downloaded folder.



Refer this Move file
You can install package from here
Ftp activities package

@venkat4u The Move file link doesn’t seem to be working.

How can you use Move File activity with FTP?

Configure ftp session and specify locations both local and remote path.
Ftp session: Port no, Host, Username, password!

@Sathish_shankar How to move the files alone using FTP activity. In my case , I can able to move the files along with the folder to the ftp server path but I need to move the files alone.

You specify the file name thats it!

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got the answer to this . I just had to use file.toString (the one we use in for each loop) in the localpath of FTP properties. it copied it one by one . works fine.
We were directly giving the local path folder name in the Upload File properties . All we had to do was to specify (for each file in filesCount) Have to use file.tostring in localpath . it automatically moves files one by one instead of the entire folder