How to create column with List<String[]> in data table and then publish that to an excel file?


I am trying to create data table with 3 columns (String, String, List<String>):
I was able to do it in studio.

Now I want that data table to publish in a excel file, and it complaining that write range: range does not exist.

In my write range activity, I have left the range field to “” (empty).

In my opinion its the List<String> which is causing the issue, any ideas or suggestions to deal with this?

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  1. Create one DataTable usingBuild DataTable activity with required number of columns and specify type of data each column holds it.

  2. And then use Add DataRow activity inside the loop to add rows to DataTable and specify Array Row as below.

  3. And then finally use Write Range activity to write into Excel file.

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@lakshman That is exactly what I am doing. But UiPath complaining about above mentioned error.


Then do one thing. Convert that list of string into string and then try.

Use String.Join method to do this. It should be like this.

       newString = String.Join(",",varListArray)

Thanks, I guess I will have to convert my List to string to store in Excel. I cant think of any other way to store the List directly to excel.

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