Write list to excel row

Data table are easy to write to an excel range. But what is the best way to write a list of strings to an excel row? As an example, I have this list {“a”,“b”,“c”,“d”}. Those strings have to be written respectively in cells B2, C2, D2, E2. Is it possible in one move (without iterating)?



Yes, You can do it.

First create a empty datatable. Then initialize a list_Sample = {1,2,3,4}

then, use add data row activity. In property section, provide ArrayRow as list_Sample.ToArray

and then write that table to excel.

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So a two step process: list ==> data table ==> excel.
I thought it would be possible: list ==> excel

@TALLIEU_Johan You can find attached how can be the solution provided by @Kalpesh_Chaudhari in the studio.
Community help.zip (151.3 KB)

Thanks everyone for the advices!! I will use indeed a data table to write to excel.

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