Create a single window for more one one input queries



I want to ask more than two inputs from user… how can i add all the input questions in single window
for ex:
if i run the bot it should pop up one window with 5 label and 5 text box for input??


Hi @Sunitha_Bist

As you know, if you have more than 3 items, they appear as a combo box to select from.
So my best thought would be to put 5 Input Dialog activities in a Parallel activity. It will display 5 windows one after the other where you can input your data and have an output for every inputted item.






Please try input box with the above way - hope it will help you.


Cant I able to create like this in UIPATH:


Shameless plug for a workaround:

Since you showed a VS screen as example, you shouldn’t have much trouble customizing this to your needs.


Hi! Any update about this?