How to create a line chart using Excel data and paste the result onto a particular part in a presentation


I was trying to create a line chart from the following data in “Failure Rate”, I tried using Line Chart from Balareva.ExcelActivities, but since it give output based on total of 100%, I am getting my chart as almost blank. Could we treat it based on low scale as well?
And any other ideas, alongwith how to proceed further?

I tried using Get Chart>>Insert Chart>>Update Chart as well, but not getting clear idea on using these, as get chart is expecting a Chart as a input I guess. Any suggestions would be appreciated
Thankyou! :blush:

Screenshot (21)

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Hey @Neha_Kumari1

It’s better to always go with Microsoft.Interop library or VBA !


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Hello @Neha_Kumari1 ,

Did you tried Insert chart activity in the modern activity.
There you can select the desired chart type.

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Hey @Nithinkrishna ,

Thanks for your response.
But I don’t have any idea on these two…

Hello @Rahul_Unnikrishnan ,

Thanks for your response.

I tried using it, but getting input this way,

can you share the excel?

Test.xlsx (8.7 KB)

I wish to get just the “Failure Rate”

Can you create a sample Line chart using the Test file in the excel manually and put a screenshot here. Then we can replicate the same using bot.

So I tried manually as well, it’s getting all the values on the axis, at a point, although I wanted it to be scatter line graph.
I guess maybe because of all the low values, as 0. it’s coming this way
I don’t know, if the kind of data is issue?

Can you put the screenshot of the graph which you created manually and the data used for the graph.

Because if it’s a line chart it should be having x, y axis. One axis we can use the value as per the data which you provided. Need to get reference values as well

It’s into this file. I tried selecting both ‘Date’ and ‘Failure Rate’ together as well, but it’s just giving this.

Test.xlsx (15.0 KB)

Hello @Neha_Kumari1 ,

In the below image you can see the Line chart generated with the data as per the Excel which you shared. The problem was the failure rate values in the Table were not formated as Number. If you format it you will get the chart as below.

Hey @Rahul_Unnikrishnan ,

Thankyou for analyzing it. Also Could you please share this file, I’ll cross check, cause I am still getting the same after formatting :sweat_smile:

Test.xlsx (15.0 KB)

Please find the attached. Hope it can help :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes, it’s working this way.
Thanks @Rahul_Unnikrishnan :blush:

And further I figured out moving this to presentation…but do you have idea on whether it is possible to paste this in a particular part I wish on presentation?

Like in Excel we could do so by declaring the index of that part right, similar way possible in presentation?

I think that is possible by creating a placeholder in the ppt.

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Yes…this seems to be working. Thanks for all your help :star:

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Glad to hear that :grinning:

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