What is the best way to create graphs on Excel?

I want to create bar graphs and pie chart in Excel but I’m not sure what is the best method to/achieve this besides using 3rd party custom activities.

All that strikes my mind at the moment is templates, and Ui Automation but, is there a better way? Plz let me know :point_down:

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Your inputs on this would be appreciated :smiley:


The following topic might help you.



If u are not allowed to use third Party pacakges

U can trying invoking code which generate graphs using excel data in c# or vb.net using invoke code activitiy

Try that


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Hi @cybzom, do you have the graphs/charts readily available? If so, the easiest way is to have a sheet with the graphs ready. What we normally do would be to change the data from the graph instead. This is assuming the graph that you have would be fixed and inly the data would be changing.