Create new folder and file move

How to create a folder dynamically and move the files to newly created folder this process wants to work daily.
I have create a flow it will download the file from websites and stored into C:\vivek\downloade,
Once download completed after that i want to create a new folder with date in to D:\vivek after that i want to move the all the files from C:\vivek\downloade to D:\vivek\2020-03-16. This process will works daily.
Can some one help me on this

Use MoveFile Activity to move the files from source to destination .

Destiantion Path in move file as


Thanks @karthick
It is possible to give particular files or particular file format from source location.
Ex: In my download many files are there like .xls, .pdf, .doc. that time how to give

Yes . you can use if condition and do it

Can you give some flow steps

You will use Directory.GetFiles(“C:\source”,“*.pdf”) and this will output a string array, then you use for each and move activity inside…

Directory.GetFiles(Your Folder path) will give list of all files in the folder

Loop it and move or copy to required folder

In if condition itself you can segregate the files with extension like pdf, xlsx, txt