How to create a batch file for mac os apple laptop

how to create a batch file for mac os apple laptop
below is the windows os batch file iam posting , please guide what changes i shud made to work this in apple mac os

“C:\Users\my lap\AppData\Local\UiPath\app-21.4.4\UiRobot.exe” -f “C:\Users\my lap\Documents\UiPath\project1\Main.xaml”

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Hi @Shoebmd,

Your requirement is not clear.

First of all the UiRobot.exe file will not run on a mac pc.

Do you have some kind of a virtualizer, for example, parallels where you have windows OS with UiPath robot installed? and do you want to trigger the UiRobot.exe via mac shell?

yes i want to trigger main.xaml file via batch file like in windows,

It’s the same way how we do it with windows

Write the above script in a notepad and save that file with .bat file extension

Then on clicking that file it will trigger the xaml

Haven’t tried in Mac but I think this is how it works even in Mac, as it is not possible today to natively run UiPath Studio on Mac OS X based systems.
So it requires a windows os code other through dual boot or Remote Desktop virtualisation

Cheers @Shoebmd

Hi again,

UiRobot.exe will not run on a Mac OS and the Unix shell will not run the UiPath Robot.

The BAT script equivalent in Mac OS is called bash script. The syntax of both are quite different.