How to count queues processed

I have a CRM process running every day. My client asked me if i could send an email, every sundays after last job (21:45), with the total transactions successfully processed from monday until sunday.
Is it possible?
Help would be very appreciated.

@jose.p.mendes You should be able to use the Get Queue Item s Activity, With the QueueItemStates Property Set to Successful, Also You can use the From Property to Filter from the Date which you would need the Items.

Let us know if you still need more Clarifications.

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Thank you, for your prompt response.
Is it ok for me to use it in the same reframework? In process workflow?

Since you need this report every Sunday after the last run,

  1. you can add logic in Framework to check
  • If the Day and Time is (Sunday after 21:45), then extract the report and send email.
  1. Or Simply you can create another separate small linear process scheduled at the time you need.

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