How to count columns from a table from pdf file

Hi frnds,

I have a pdf file, By searching with a specific word, first I need to identify the data from pdf file and then need to count the number of columns ,Based on the number of columns that are present in the table in pdf, I need to select a dropdown value in another application. Can anyone tell me how to do it.

Please find the screenshot below for your reference.

from the above screenshot, based on the text ‘Income statement’ word, I need to identify number of columns present in the table which is present at the right side which is highlighted in yellow color. that means I have two year numbers, which is 2018 and 2017. So, the count of the columns are 2 . so i need to select one option from the dropdown. if it contains only one column which contains only 2018,then i have to choose another value from the dropdown. can you please suggest me how to proceed to get this?

Hey @eshwarsai_ks ,

Store the count of columns in a variable and pass that variable to the selection of the dropdown menu.

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Thank you @suruchi120294 for quick response. Before i need to count the columns in that particular row, first I need to find from which row it is present in pdf file. May I know how to find which row that data is present?

You need to get only how many years columns are present . Right?

Yes @suruchi120294