Pdf data extracting issues

how to select a data from pdf which is in table format when i extract it using get text the total table comes out. but i want a particular data from this table.how can i do it.???
(i use adobe reader for reading the pdfs)

@arijit1213 Can you show us the Value what you get after get Pdf Text is used and What value you need to extract?

i got the total table.

i want invoice number but selector capture the total table.

@arijit1213 Can you give me the Input Table?

i have no input table.
i have a pdf in which the below information is present. but i want only invoice number how can i do it??
(previously i use get text in which the total information comes out.)

@arijit1213 Can you send me the PDF? :sweat_smile:

did you find the solution!

@Pradeep_Shiv No , He Marked it as a Solution, Donno Why :sweat_smile: But I’ll figure out the Solution as soon as he provides the PDF

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@ arijit1213 does the pdf have tagged feature or tagging is not available in the pdf ?