How to copying data from .txt file to web uipath

what are the activities used in this use case

  1. USE “Read text file” activity to read the text from .txt file to a variable
  2. use “type into” / “set text” activity to write the variable from step 1 to web

But i’ve this data

First name, last name, address, phone number, email, role in company

Pardhu,sagar,ls.nagar,4683873738,, Engineer

Sai,Kiran,Vidyanagar,567393828,, support

How to copying data from .text file to RPA challenge

Hey @Pardhu_The_big_boss ,

You can use Split Method into an assign activity and pass the value to the type into activity

Syntax: Split(ReadTextFile,",") by using “,” comma as delimiter.
Use an assign activity, varSplitValue = Split(ReadTextFile,“,”)

Then pass the value as varSplitValue(index) into the type into activity.


Hi @Pardhu_The_big_boss ,

Use read text file activity and assign your text file path to read the whole text content into string output.

Use build datatable activity and assign the string output which we received above and use comma delimeter as column and new line as row to convert the whole content into datatable.

Use for each row table assign data table from the above and loop row by row and use the following expression sample CurrentRow(“First name”).tostring in the type into you are using enter data into RPA challenge web site.

Sharing my thought. Please explore on this. Thanks.

Output not coming

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