How to copy the excel column formula to the newly added rows

I have multiple columns in excel file with formulas, when i’m using the Insert/delete row activity the columns formula is getting missed. Need help in getting those formulas to the new rows added.

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we can use Read Cell Formula activity and get the formula written in the cell
–use excel application scope and pass the file path as input
–use this Read cell formula activity and mention the cell and sheetname as input while we will be getting the cell formula as output in string type
–this can be used in the new row we create later at any point of time

Hope this would help you
Cheers @Ramki81

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You need to create a recording, by first right clicking->Insert->copying the row and pasting with formula.
This may work if you have limited number of copy/pastes, I suppose.

Reading is fine, but how can i write it to newly added rows?

I have nearly 200 rows to insert.

@Ramki81, you just need to put formula in first row than use Autofill Range activity of excel, it will drop the formula till last row automatically. You no need to use loop.


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Thank you Vikas, it works.

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