How to copy text in web to excel File uipath

Hi ,

I want to copy Text from an website and then paste it in an excel file.
Can you please help me to realize this task?

My Activity
Step 1: I use open the browser with ur concern URL (Done)
Step 2: i Use Data Scrap or Get Text activity (Done)
Step 3: Write in the excel by using excel application scope (Please Help )

how to copy text in web to excel and loop
Range “E2”
Sheet “datatest”

Please Help.

Thank you

Hi @punnipah ,

Are you using Data Scraping or Get Text Activity to retrieve the values ?

From the Screenshot, it seems you are using Get Text Activity, doesn’t it work with Data Scraping ?

If it is a Table data, and want to Extract the whole table and if possible, do use Data Scraping. Since, this will provide us the Datatable, which you could then Write to the Excel using Write Range Activities.

We would however need more details of the Contents you would want to extract from the web page, if not possible using Data Scraping.

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Thank you .

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