How to copy paste text from one desktop app to another


I am experimenting with RPA and could really use your help. I am looking for a solution of which I know it is possible with UIpath but I do not know where to start.

The question is quite basic. I am working with two desktop apps that require the same information. Currently I am entering the data twice which is a waste of time. I would like a solution that, after entering the data in the first desktop app, copys this information and pastes it in the second desktop app.

I would like to do this via an attended robot that is triggerd manually. In the software multiple actions need to be performed before the field becomes visible where data needs to be copied of pasted.

Can you help me?


What you should do is prompt the user for the value, store it in a variable, then your automation uses the usual activities (ie type into etc) to enter the info into both apps.

hi, if you are getting the data from the screen with the get text activity, you can create a variable in the output part of the activity with ctrl+k and store the data you read from the screen. In the other application, it is sufficient to give the variable you created to write this data.

You can pass the data by using variables, Arguments.

Otherwise, Use Send to clipboard activity and get From Clipboard Activity