Is there a way to Copy multiple texts into a variable?

I’m trying to copy multiple texts while using Do while, is there a way to do it?

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From where you want to copy the text?

An excel file

@Help_I_rly_need_help You have to read excel data and convert it to datatable and get data from datatable.

My assignment doesn’t allow me to use data table sadly…

It only allows me to use Do while, Copy selected text, type into, send hotkey, and assign


No,it is not possible without read range activity.Eventhough we use copy selected text activity,before that we need to select text from the file. For this we need read range.

Oh okay, thanks. Could I ask is there a way to clear a variable in Copy Selected Text to make way for another variable after pasting the old variable into somewhere?

For each time, the loop executes, the variable value gets updated automatically.

Oh alright thanks!

Hello @Help_I_rly_need_help

As you have mentioned you need to get the data from the excel, are you trying to do it with the UI based automation? If yes, please dont go with that. Its suggested to use the excel package for doing the excel based automation.


Yea… but our teacher wants us to use the UI based automation

but that is not the correct method of automating excel.


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