How to copy information from Notepad to Word by without Ctrl+Enter?

Hi team,
Can u try copy text from Notepad(.txt) to Word ?

Agenda.txt (472 Bytes) Agenda.pdf (28.4 KB)

Hi , use read text file activity
The output will be string variable
Now use write word file activity and give above string variable as input


You can try using Read text file activity to read from notepad and write text file activity in word application scope

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why don’t you try yourself?

  1. Use the Read Text File activity and store the content (output) in a variable.
  2. Install the UiPath.Word.Activities package
  3. Use a Word Application Scope activity
  4. Use an Append Text activity within the Word Application Scope and use your variable from earlier as input

Cheers, Lukas

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